Leisure activities

Leisure facilities, activities and excursions in the Volcanic Eifel

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The Volcanic Eifel is a wonderful holiday region.
Nature lovers and active holiday-makers get their money's worth here. You will find a wide variety of leisure activities and excursion destinations in the region.

The Volcanic Eifel is especially famous for its many maars (crater lakes). The maars are called the "eyes of the Eifel". Some of them are bathing lakes with very good water sports possibilities and boat rental (e.g. Schalkenmehrener Maar, Gemündener- or Pulvermaar) but there are also very well-known nature reserves, fishing and hiking areas.

The Moselle is not far away. A trip to Cochem, Traben-Trarbach, Bernkastel or Trier, Germany's oldest city, is highly recommended. Go on a boat trip on the Moselle, taste the Moselle wine during a wine tasting or visit the world-famous Roman sites, e.g. the Porta Nigra in Trier. The nearby neighbouring countries Luxembourg, Belgium or France also are worth visiting. The world-famous Nürburgring with its many events and leisure facilities attracts a lot of visitors. 24 hour race, Formula 1 race or the famous "Rock am Ring" festival are the highlights at the Nürburgring every year. The year-round experience Nürburgring with its many winter events is also worth a trip in the cold season. 

Visit one of the countless castles and palaces in the region. The Eltz Castle and the Manderscheid Castles are particularly worth mentioning. The historic old town of Monschau or  the famous monasteries: "Himmerod", "Maria Laach" or "Maria Martental" are also interesting places to see. Animal lovers and families will be thrilled by the various zoos in the Volcanic Eifel. They are very popular with young and old. For example, the Daun Game and Adventure Park with its summer toboggan run or the Kasselburg Eagle and Wolf Park in Pelm near Gerolstein. Watch these fascinating creatures during the air shows or attend the wolf feeding in the afternoon. Two other beautiful animal and adventure parks are the Gondorfer Bärenpark or the Eifelzoo in Lünebach.

Other excursion destinations:

the observatory at Schalkenmehren, the bell foundry Brockscheid, the home weaver museum in Schalkenmehren, the school museum in Immerath, an apiary and the cold water geyser Wallender Born in Wallenborn, the volcano museum in Daun, the maar museum in Manderscheid, the volcano house and volcano adventure trail in Strohn near Gillenfeld, geological excursions, adventure parks, visit to the Eifel nature park etc.

The Eifel is also very famous for its artists and writers. The successful Eifel thrillers are very popular. The Eifel crime thriller festival "Tatort Eifel" attracts many visitors. A train ride on the tourist railway line across the Volcanic Eifel is a lasting experience. There are daily rides during the summer months and they are very popular with all generations. Here you can admire the wonderful landscape even on special steam locomotive rides.

Cyclists get their money's worth in the Volcanic Eifel. A former railway line was converted to one of the most popular cycle paths in Germany. The Maare-Mosel cycle path leads from Daun to the Moselle and to Bernkastel. The way back can also be done by bus (with bicycle trailer). New and also very popular is the Kosmos Radweg from Daun to Meerfeld. Here you will learn a lot about the cosmos and the stars. Bicycle rental is available in many villages in the Volcanic Eifel.

The Volcanic Eifel has some of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in Germany. The famous volcano bike race (mountain bike race) in September with night race and framework programme in Daun attracts many visitors.

In the evening a wide range of dance events is offered for young and old in the region.

In Daun you will find a new and very nice cinema centre with a total of 5 auditoriums. There is a daily program. Renowned far beyond the region’s borders are the "Classic on the Volcano" performances. Classical music performed live in the wonderful surroundings of the Gemündener Maar. These take place several times during the summer  

The Volcanic Eifel is a true hiking paradise. Two well-known hiking trails are the Lieserpfad from Daun to the Manderscheid castles and the popular Eifelsteig. But there are also many other beautiful hiking trails in the Volcanic Eifel.

We would like to point out some more tipps for a successful stay in the region:

Summer toboggan run, balloon rides, kites and ultralight flying in Hinterweiler, sightseeing flights with gliders or sports planes in Daun-Senheld, paragliding, thermal spa, adventure pool, indoor or heated outdoor pools in the region. A variety of wellness oases invite you to relax.

Fishing, swimming, surfing and other water sports on the Maar lakes, lakes, ponds or rivers of the Volcanic Eifel. Enjoy playing a round of miniature golf or golf on one of the many courses. The Nordic Walking Route along the maar lake is rather popular with Nordic Walking fans.. 

Some more tips for your leisure activities in the Volcanic Eifel:

Bowling, squash, tennis, badminton, archery, rock climbing, fitness centre, motor sports and rallies, kart track, motorcycle excursions, horse riding, vaulting, covered wagon rides, canoeing, leisure parks and children's amusement parks nearby, fossil search, exploring caves and ice caves, visiting waterfalls and much more.

In the winter:  cross-country as well as alpine skiing is possible. Some of the ski regions have artificial snow-making facilities. Tobogganing is also very popular. You can ice-skate on the frozen lakes, ponds or maars. On artificial ice also in the Bitburg ice rink or occasionally at the Nürburgring during the winter.

To make it easier for you to plan your leisure activities in the Volcanic Eifel holiday region, we have compiled a large number of different links to Internet pages regarding excursion destinations and leisure facilities in the region. You will find these links at the bottom of this page.

 As you can see, the holiday region Volcanic Eifel offers countless possibilities to enjoy an unforgettable and eventful active or a quiet and cosy holiday. 

For whatever you decide, we wish you a pleasant stay in the Volcanic Eifel.

The Nürburgring: 

-       Legend "Nürburgring", the race track built in 1925-1927 is considered to be the most beautiful and most demanding in the world.
        The "ring" has always been a challenge for man and machine. In 1984, the new Grand Prix track was inaugurated, one of the most modern and safest in the world today.
         The world of experience (theme park) which was opened in 1999 offers fun for the whole family.
         For the latest information visit: www.nuerburgring.de

Here we have compiled links to various websites for you. Just click on the text or the picture. You will receive lots of information about interesting excursion destinations and leisure opportunities in the region!

Nature, theme parks, towns, historical buildings and history:

- Die Maare. In wundervollen Natur liegen die Augen der Eifel (Kraterseen). Naturschutzgebiet / Badeseen
- Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun. Einer der größten Tierparks in Deutschland. Viele Tierarten
- Adler- und Wolfspark Kasselburg bei Gerolstein. Beobachten Sie die Wildtiere rund um die Kasselburg
- Eifelpark und Bärenpark Gondorf. Sehr schöner Freizeit- und Tierpark in der Südeifel
- Eifelzoo Lünebach. Viele exotische Tiere aber auch viele Attraktionen erwarten Sie
- Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten. Der Freizeitpark in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Mosel gelegen
- Wildpark Hellenthal. Natur- und Tierfreunde kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten
- Nationalpark Eifel. Wundervoller Naturpark. Hier lebt auch die Wildkatze
- Vulkanmuseum in Daun. Tauchen Sie in Vulkangeschichte der Vulkaneifel ein
- Geopark Vulkaneifel. Sehr interessant, alles über die geologische Entwicklung der Eifel
- Maarmuseum in Manderscheid. Sie erfahren alles über die einzigartigen Maare in der Eifel
- Vulkanhaus in Strohn. Das interaktive Museum für Groß und Klein
- Trier, die älteste deutsche Stadt. Besuchen Sie die schöne und weltbekannte Moselmetropole
- Cochem an der Mosel und die Mosel allgemein. Faszinierender Fluß mit goßer Weinkultur
- Burg Eltz. Eine der schönsten Burgen (Märchenburg) Deutschlands
- Manderscheider Burgen. Die beiden Burgen in direkter Nachbarschaft.
- Burg Daun. Die Geschichte der kleinen Stadt können Sie hier hautnah erleben.
- Monschau, die bekannte Eifel-Kleinstadt mit wundervollen alten Fachwerkhäusern
- Kloster Maria Laach am Laacher See. Das gepflegte Kloster, direkt am See gelegen.
- Kloster Himmerod in der Vulkaneifel. Das idyllisch gelegene, traditionsreiche Kloster
- Eishöhlen, Mühlsteinhöhlen bei Gerolstein. Interessante Exkursion. Taschenlampe mitnehmen!
- Luxemburg, die schöne Stadt und das kleine Nachbarland. Besuchen Sie Luxemburg
- Ostbelgien, unsere guten Nachbarn im Westen (deutschsprachige Region in Ostbelgien)

Leisure, Sport and culture:

- Maare-Mosel Radweg. Für die ganze Familie. Einer der schönsten Radwege Deutschland
- Kosmos Radweg von Daun nach Meerfeld und dem Meerfelder Maar
- Vulkanbike, Mountainbikerennen und Mountainbike Trailpark Vulkaneifel
- Mountainbiking in der Vulkaneifel. Entdecken Sie auf sportliche Art die Vulkaneifel
- Fahrradverleih in Daun. Kompetenter Partner für Fahrradverleih und Reparatur
- Wanderweg "Eifelsteig". Einer der bekanntesten Wanderwege Deutschlands. Von Aachen bis Trier.
- Wanderweg "Lieserpfad". Sehr schöner und beliebter Wanderweg am kleinen Fluß "Lieser" entlang.
- Sommerrodelbahn Daun. Direkt vor dem Eingang zum Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun gelegen
- Glockengießerei Brockscheid. Erleben Sie dieses faszinierende Handwerk direkt vor Ort.
- Der Nürburgring. Weltbekannte Rennstrecke und Freizeitpark. Nur wenigen Kilometer entfernt
- ADAC Eifel-Rallye-festival. Die Rallye in der faszinierender Umgebung der Vulkaneifel
- Ballonfahren in der Vulkaneifel. Erleben Sie die Vulkaneifel von oben. Ein bleibendes Erlebnis
- Drachenfliegen und UL-Fliegen in der Vulkaneifel. Das pure Flugvergnügen für wenig Geld genießen.
- Segelflugplatz und Rundflüge am Flugplatz Daun-Senheld. Ein Erlebnis für Alle.
- Eifelbahn, Bahnfahrten auf der historischen Bahnlinie durch die Vulkaneifel
- Kletterparks und Adventureparks, Eifel Adventure Forest
- Kinocenter Daun. Die aktuellsten Kinofilme im neuen Kinopalast in Daun erleben.
- Angeln in den Maaren, an den Flüßen oder vielen Teichen in der Vulkaneifel
- Golfplatz Hillesheim. Golfen auf höchstem Niveau in der Vulkaneifel
- Minigolfplatz Daun. Spielen Sie mal wieder Minigolf. In Daun, am Ortsausgang Richtung Maare gelegen
- Skigebiet Daun. Skilaufen am Mäuseberg. Dem Skigebiet, direkt an den Maaren gelegen.
- Langlaufloipe Ernstberg bei Daun. Das Langlaufgebiet mit Skihütte und Skiverleih
- Eislaufen / Eishalle Bitburg. Eislaufspaß für Jung und Alt in der Bierstadt.
- Krimifestival "Tatort Eifel". Das bekannte Krimifestival mit vielen bekannten Stars
- Tolli Park, Kinderspielpark in Mayen. Ihre Kinder werden viel Spaß haben!
- Erlebnisbäder / Hallenbäder: Erlebnisbad Cochem. Das Wellenbad an der Mosel
- Erlebnisbäder/Hallenbäder: Erlebnisbad Cascade in Bitburg. Das große und schöne Freizeitbad
- Erlebnisbäder/Hallenbäder: Erlebnisbad Zell/Mosel. Schönes Erlebnisbad, direkt an der Mosel gelegen
- Thermal/Hallenbad Bad Bertrich. Neues, sehr attraktives Thermalbad im schönen Kurort Bad Bertrich

Have a good time and enjoy your excursions and leisure activities in the Volcanic Eifel